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Freshman Year... 1996-1997

FOW August 1996, fish Virgilio company A-1

Parents Weekend spring 1997.. no more corps

My sophomore year 1997-1998...

at a Caedmon's Call Concert

and me on my first drumset

mission trip to Tampico, Mexico

My junior year 1998-1999...

at Breakthrough, IV retreat near SanAntonio...

and on the Summer 7's TAMU Women's Rugby Team

frog Virgilio back in the Corps, company V-1

My senior year 1999-2000...

the tragic Bonfire collapse of 99

Brazos Community Church Worship Team BBQ

2nd senior year 2000-2001...

Final senior year 2001-2002...

first yell weekend corps march-in... Reveille VII

me, trudy, and the girls at Fitzwilly's

me and Jordan..aka Big Booty

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