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Saturday, November 12th, 2005

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what is kairosfest?

imagine a whole day with good food, music and games that doesn't cost a thing.  
oh and by the way, the music actually doesn't suck, the food is great, AND
the games are fun.. yeah you know what i'm talkin' about, those big inflatable kind
where you bounce on the air bubble or fight your friends in a big sumo suit...
anyway, you get the idea.
want to play/speak/dance at kairosfest? click here

the lineup
11:00amband 1
11:50amband 2
12:30pmspeaker 1
2:00pmspeaker 2
2:30pmband 4
4:00pmmovie clip - the Passion
5:00pmBetrayed by a Kiss - seagoville, tx
6:00pmWE AGAINST- dallas, tx
7:00pmspeaker 3
7:20pmrandom stuff
7:50pmband 8
8:40pmband 9
9:30pmkeynote speaker - TBA
10:00pmheadliner - TBA

days until the appointed time.