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Song Lyrics

all by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002 by Christina Virgilio and jvjProductions

11. You Know this song literally came out of me. one semester i had it pretty rough and i was walking back to my dorm room in the evening. i opened my mouth and out came the first verse of this song. Jesus You know just what Iím going through You know exactly who I am Jesus My struggles arenít a surprise to you And itís only by your grace I still stand I want to walk beside you I want to go where you go I want to fathom all your mysteries Itís you I want to know Jesus Itís been so hard just to stay here and stand But if I persevere youíll take me to the land Jesus Itís been so hard to make it through the day But I know, I know you are never late Jesus You formed me in my motherís womb There is nothing about me that is hidden from you Youíre familiar with all my ways Before the dawn of time you ordained my days

"This Is Me" by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002

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