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Song Lyrics

all by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002 by Christina Virgilio and jvjProductions

3.  Shouln't I Be
 any college Christian with a passion
for the Lord can identigy with this song.. it 
expresses a desire that i strugglee with
throughout school to just abandon my studies
and do ministry full time.  well the Lord 
has other plans for us sometimes.. 


So many books so little time Shouldnít I be, anywhere but here
Just up in my dorm room with the light on Pouring over books

Shouldnít I be at some kinda Bible study Or some kinda Christian acitivity
Cuz right now that seems a lot more spiritual Than biology and psychology

Jesus I donít know the plans you have for me
But last week I heard the pastor say
Do not despise the day of small things

Shouldnít I be out on the streets
Preaching the Gospel to the broken and the dying
Cuz Iím so tired of doing psychlogy, chemistry

Jesus I donít know what youíre doing in me
But if you can trust me right now with some simple calculations
Maybe later on, youíll give me the nations

Love and joy and peace and patience, patience Yes Lord more of what I need
So maybe right here is where you  have meSo Iíll just do my homework
Obediently, patiently, gratefully, thankfullySo Iíll just be

"This Is Me" by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002

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