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Song Lyrics

all by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002 by Christina Virgilio and jvjProductions

4. God Bless the PTTS one semester i got so many parking tickets that i had to vent somehow. God showed me that i needed to change my attitude and quit parking illegally, so i wrote this song. i'm sure you can relate. The clock says 6:30 and I wake with a start Just now remembering last night where my truck was parked.. In yellow lot Throw on some shorts and I hit that cold dorm room floor Sure hope its not a ticket, Lord knows I canít afford any more So Iím flyiní out the commons at the speed of light towards my truck Sure enough there it was, to the windshield it was stuck A love letter from the PTTS A little yellow envelope, nothing less I wanna curse but the Lord says to bless God bless the PTTS One ticket two ticket three ticket four Blocking a biking lane, officer 264 What am I gonna do, this is such a bit mess Iíll just give up parking on campus all together I guess No wait I know what Iíll do Iíll just part out on highway 6 thatís closer than red lot Yeah thatíll be best, to avoid thoseÖ So if you are ever in College Station and you see someone in blue Better be careful where you park or they might write you a love letter too Just tip your hat and move right along Or just like me youíll be singing such a sad sad

"This Is Me" by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002

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