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Song Lyrics

all by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002 by Christina Virgilio and jvjProductions

10. Jenni this song is about a good friend of mine from college.. the "cootie" in the song is now her husband of 6 months. i hope you enjoy it Well I’ve got a friend named Jenni Forrest Gump had a friend named Jenni too If my friend Jenni knows that you’re a friend of mine Then I know that she’ll be glad ot mee tyou Jenni Jenni Well she’s kinda tall and she has her momma’s eyes If she wants to put on a wig don’t be surprised Cuz that’s the silly sorta thing she likes to do And if you’re not careful she’ll get you in a wig too If you can’t speak English that is not a problem Languages she knows a half a dozen If you’re scared and are feelin’ kinda lonely She’ll be there for you if you don’t have cooties

"This Is Me" by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002

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