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Song Lyrics

all by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002 by Christina Virgilio and jvjProductions

8. A Front i wrote this song from the perspective of a societal outcast who looks goeth.. the hurt expressed in the song is one i think most can identify with Look at me arenít you scared Doesnít it make you want to turn away My freakish clothes my black hair my bitter stare Donít be fooled by my harsh disguise Itís just a mask I wear so I can hide Way deep down Iím hurting inside Better be careful, Iím untouchable now.. Itís just a front Look at me arenít I weird You better not come around, donít come around here Cuz Iíve been known to hurt people, a lot Look at me Jesus Look what a mess Iíve made here Are you going to turn away and leave me too Just like all of your so-called followers do?

"This Is Me" by Christina Virgilio

copyright 2002

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