tina virgilio band
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Christina is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas with a sound similar to that of Jennifer Knapp or Jewel. She hopes to push people closer to God with her music and loves to hear when people find God. Christina began her musical career at the young age of 10 in the 5th grade. She joined the band and played flute all through middle school, grade school and high school. She also had piano lessons in 5th and 6th grade. Her sophomore year in high school the band directors asked her to join the drumline, where she gladly accepted the challenge of learning a new instrument. Her senior year she began playing trap set as a hobby, and her freshman year in college she taught herself how to play the guitar. She began writing songs around that time with her primary influences being bands like Caedmon's Call, Third Day and solo artists like Jennifer Knapp and Shane Barnard. She grew up in a Christian home and put her faith in Christ around 8 years old. "There have been ups and downs since then, but the Lord has shown Himself faithful in my life by His keeping power and love. I've taken a detour from the straight and narrow a few times, but He always leads me back, and a lot of the songs I write are fruit from such experiences. The stuff I sing about is pretty much my life. It just comes out of me with very little effort for the most part. I thank God for the ability to express myself to Him in song." In college she began playing at open mic nights around town and began looking for a way to "lay down" some of her music so she could share it with others. In the meantime she played on the worship team at church and the on campus Bible study groups she was involved in. She has been out of college for two years now in the Dallas area, and is in the process of recording her second full length CD. She hopes to do some gigging around the DFW Metroplex and share the good news of Christ with all who will listen to the words God has given her. A dream of hers is to travel the world as a missionary and tell all people about Jesus. She wouldn't mind if it happened to be in the form of musical performance. Ever since she first heard Jennifer Knapp sing, she has always hoped to meet her someday and pray with and for her - and of course to have a jam session on the guitar. :)